Introducing TEfra luggage services, our commitment and service promise to you the customer

Our unique 5 Star guarantee vouches for a premier and reliable transport solution for your luggage requirement’s to and from the UK Cruise ports or Mainland resorts. 

We have laid out below what sets us apart from the competition in order to give you piece of mind knowing that your luggage is in the hands of Europe’s leading Luggage logistics provider crafting our skills since 1995 in Austria,Germany and Switzerland. The following points set us apart between a first class service and a simple transport system:

On the rare occasion that there should be a delay in transit due to adverse weather conditions or operational technicalities we will endeavour to recover your luggage by special van to ensure it arrives to the Port on time for departure of your Cruise at the companies cost.

TEfra offers a transparent pricing system with no hidden extra costs plus the added bonus of upto £1000 insurance on any outbound or inbound leg per item of luggage (please refer to our terms and conditions for further information)

Through our network of offices and couriers we offer an exceptionally high standard of service and reliability with our focus on knowing at every step of the transportation link the current status and location of your luggage.

With the use of specially selected express carriers we guarantee an exceptionally high standard of premium service.TEfra has access to some 180 stations with 2,000+ courier drivers. Thus we guarantee a comprehensive service to the highest standard

The TEfra Travel Logistics team wishes you a nice and relaxing trip.