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Customs regulations for the importation of Duty free goods from EU or International destinations

Important Notice on HMRC Customs import regulations for Duty Free or Commercial purchases on your vacation.

When visiting EU member states on your vacation the rule is that generally you are allowed to bring back as much Duty free as you like but not in excessive amounts and assuming it’s for your own consumption. HMRC may want to enquire about the goods you have purchased and detailed below are the main topics you may be asked in order to satisfy Customs that goods are for your consumption only and not for resale or financial gain.

Did you purchase and transport them yourself
Will you use them yourself or donate them as a gift
Have you paid duty and Tax in the EU member state of purchase
Can you supply receipt detailing the former

Please note that the following countries or Duty free ports are not regarded by HMRC as EU member states and Import taxes and duties may be imposed. (For further information please visit the website www.gov.uk/duty-free-goods/overview).

Canary Islands
Northern Cyprus
Channel Islands

For International and Duty free purchases other than listed above please refer to the current GOV.UK website for further information. Please note that any commercial purchase outside EU territorial waters must be declared along with your Duty free allowance and your attention is drawn to the strict EU controls over the importation of endangered spices, live or organic plant matter, foods products etc again these items can be researched via the GOV.UK Website. TEfra-UK has no influence or control over any Customs charges or penalties levied against Cruise line passengers so please just take some time to research the brief processes and limitations laid down by HMRC border control.